OloLux series

The resin artworks that form part of theOloLux series are the culmination of a decade of my research and experimentation with light.

The recent achievement of combining holographic materials with resins, never used together in the artistic field until now, has allowed me to reach the primary objective I set myself: that of “incorporating” light into my artworks, capturing it in hemispheres, layers of resin or transparent sculptural shapes.
Incorporating lightto make it the single protagonist, using it as a primary material and not
as a supporting character in the work of art.

In the artworks in my OloLux Series, light play two roles. Light nourishes my artworks — my pieces naturally absorb light from the environment, only to reflect it back. This reflection contributes to the plasticity of the artwork by exalting the dynamic nature of its luminous colours.

The development of this “OloLux” Series opens up an infinite space for the use of light as a material, and through using steel or monochrome backings for the artworks, they acquire a strongly contemporary and innovative character.