Style Channel Orler – Voice of the Artist

2017, video interview at the Orler Gallery television studios in Marcon (Venice)

On matter and on light

Collaboration with Stefano Abelli
2017 – Exhibition at Spazio Varroni – Spilamberto – Modena

Beyond the Limit of the Sky

Collaboration with Stefano Abelli
2017 – Gonzago Diocesan Museum – Mantua

The Shape of Light

Personal exhibition
2013, luminescent resin artworks to be observed in the dark and in the light. Villa Venino, Novate Milanese, Milan.

TIAMAT – Earth before man

Short film
2014, extract from the film that recounts the conception and creation stages of the public artwork “Tiamat”

TIAMAT – Earth before man

Complete film
2014, recounts the stages of creation, installation and unveiling and some behind-the-scenes footage of the public artwork “Tiamat”.

Enlightened Excellence

Advertisement for the art book and collective exhibition held at the Academy of Fine Arts, Brera from 8th to 13th April 2014.

The Pearl of the Poets

Artistic resin flooring by Giuseppe Portella
The charm of an artistic resin floor that lives off its own light. Info:

Darkness Does Not Exist

Personal exhibition
2015, paintings and sculptures that illuminate themselves in the dark without the use of artificial light sources. Parco Nord Milan.