• 2017, video interview at the Orler Gallery television studios in Marcon (Venice)
  • Collaboration with Stefano Abelli
    2017 - Exhibition at Spazio Varroni - Spilamberto - Modena
  • Collaboration with Stefano Abelli
    2017 - Gonzago Diocesan Museum - Mantua
  • Personal exhibition
    2013, luminescent resin artworks to be observed in the dark and in the light. Villa Venino, Novate Milanese, Milan.
  • Short film
    Extract from the film that recounts the conception and creation stages of the public artwork “Tiamat”
  • Advertisement for the art book and collective exhibition held at the Academy of Fine Arts, Brera from 8th to 13th April 2014.
  • Personal exhibition
    2015, paintings and sculptures that illuminate themselves in the dark without the use of artificial light sources. Parco Nord Milan.
  • Artistic resin flooring by Giuseppe Portella
    The charm of an artistic resin floor that lives off its own light. Info: www.puntozero.org
  • Complete film
    Recounts the stages of creation, installation and unveiling and some behind-the-scenes footage of the public artwork “Tiamat”.